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December 19, 2017

Ek!  How do you get through Christmas and not gain a dress size!? It's all about giving yourself 'permission'! 

Let's face it, with the abundance of celebration food and alcohol every where we look, it's easy for many of us to use Christmas as our once-a-year excuse to overindulge.  In fact, it's kind of an accepted and expected part of Christmas day.  Stuff yourself until you're so full that you fall asleep in the afternoon!  That wall we hit mid afternoon is often because we've driven our glucose levels so high at lunchtime, that when they come crashing down we feel sleepy and tired from what's called an 'insulin' hangover.  But, you can navigate the Christmas table differently and enjoy everything on offer if you follow my 5 tips!

1. Give yourself permission!

Don't make the foods you love taboo!  When we make the foods we love taboo, our mind tends to fixate more on them and after a glass of bubbles or two, it's very easy for our mi...

October 24, 2017

Have you ever felt stuck in a cycle of losing weight and gaining weight?  Has this spanned decades or your entire lifetime?

I call this start/stop dieting and some refer to it as yo-yo dieting (although yo-yo dieting could also be a cycle of losing 20 lb then gaining 25lb), but whatever you call it, it is frustrating! The energy it takes to be constantly fixated on your physical body and its appearance is just exhausting.

What causes start/stop dieting is an internal conflict between success and self-sabotage. A start/stop dieter always starts out with the best intentions, but within a very short amount of time something is triggered inside them that seems to work against their desire for success.

This self-saboteur, which I refer to in my programme as the inner critic, knows just when to appear, during the moments of doubt, or temptation, or weakness.
It could be during one the natural and healthy weight loss plateaus that occur when we diet. For a stop/start dieter, once the scales st...

October 16, 2017

After nearly 23 years as a weight loss coach I have heard every reason why women gain weight, but if we look beyond the superficial, it always comes back to how we feel about ourselves, our life, and our level of self-love. I shared this with you in this weeks vlog, if you missed it you can view it here.

If you truly love yourself, you don’t self-sabotage, or eat food you know is bad for you, so the issue is never with ‘food’, food is just a manifestation of other issues in our life. Through healing our life we can solve our weight problems for good.

I want you to ask yourself a question: do you want to feel good about yourself, would you like to even love yourself?  Do you want to feel worthy of an amazing life? If you struggled to answer yes it is time to explore why.

Reflecting in ‘why’ is a very powerful exercise. I asked you write down 20 compelling reasons for losing weight earlier in this series so if you haven’t done so try that now.  Then I asked you to write down 20 compellin...

October 10, 2017

Weight can be the number one challenge many women face over their lifetime and there is a reason for that. You can walk away from any other addiction, but you can’t walk away from food. I spoke about this in my last vlog, if you missed it you can view it here.

An alcoholic can stop drinking, I’m sure it is not easy, but they can have that last drink and never touch it again, but we have to eat to survive, so we can’t just avoid food as a strategy for weight loss.

What it comes down to is that how we feel about ourselves is reflected in our food choices. The more we love ourselves the more we take care of ourselves, and therefore the better quality food we choose to put in our body. So diet and weight loss is not about food, it is about the relationship we have with ourselves.

So this week I want you to start asking ‘how much do I really value myself? If in this moment, I am choosing to put something in my body that I know is bad for me, why is it ok? Why am I allowing myself to do this...

October 2, 2017

In my recent vlog I spoke about the payoffs for not losing weight, if you missed it you can view it here.

While there’s a payoff to losing weight and feeling great, there are also payoffs for staying overweight. While this may seem counterintuitive at first, when we stop to ponder this for a while we can begin to see exactly why not changing is easier than changing. By going deeper still, we begin to see there many reasons for not changing, not losing weight and staying exactly where we are and these are why our subconscious mind derails our weight loss efforts.

The truth is there are many payoffs to being overweight, and if you find it hard to start or stick with a diet, then you are experiencing that first hand.

You may feel fatigued, bloated and experience great frustration trying to find clothes that ‘look good’, and you may not be feeling the best about yourself, which can affect many areas of your life,  so you may be thinking ‘how could there be a payoff for that?’ Yet not chang...

September 25, 2017

Over the last two weeks, I shared with you two tips to kick-start your weight loss, but they are so important that I wanted to summarize these again for you and explain exactly why they are so important. I believe that without following this advice, no weight loss will be lasting. After 2 decades as a weight loss coach and literally thousands of clients, I know intimately what it takes, so please don’t start another diet until you do the thinking first!  If you missed this weeks vlog on this subject you can view it here.

Getting ready to begin any life change takes some physical preparation sure, but your focus should first be on the mental and emotional preparation. If the change you want to make is around dieting and losing weight then the non- physical preparation is vital!
We often try to ‘force’ ourselves into a diet because we are frustrated or depressed that our clothes no longer fit, but dieting is always an attempt to increase our self-love and feel ‘better’ about ourselves.