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September 25, 2017

Over the last two weeks, I shared with you two tips to kick-start your weight loss, but they are so important that I wanted to summarize these again for you and explain exactly why they are so important. I believe that without following this advice, no weight loss will be lasting. After 2 decades as a weight loss coach and literally thousands of clients, I know intimately what it takes, so please don’t start another diet until you do the thinking first!  If you missed this weeks vlog on this subject you can view it here.

Getting ready to begin any life change takes some physical preparation sure, but your focus should first be on the mental and emotional preparation. If the change you want to make is around dieting and losing weight then the non- physical preparation is vital!
We often try to ‘force’ ourselves into a diet because we are frustrated or depressed that our clothes no longer fit, but dieting is always an attempt to increase our self-love and feel ‘better’ about ourselves.


September 18, 2017

Weight loss is only half the battle, in fact I’d say it’s the easy part, keeping it off is something entirely different and it takes a lot more than just making healthy food choices, it takes healthy mind choices too.  Unless we learn how to keep the weight off, it just creeps back on and before you know it you’re up three dress sizes and wondering what happened?

In the last few weeks I have covered how thinking yourself slim is crucial to stay on track if you want to lose weight and now I am going to share some secrets to ensure that once you reach your goal weight, it stays off.

It has to do with understanding why we set goals, why you wanted to lose weight in the first place. We don’t set goals to attain the goal itself, we actually set goals to attain the state, or emotion of how we will ‘feel’ once we attain that goal. That feeling, or state, or emotion, regardless of the goal, is always about wanting to love ourselves our life more deeply.

Tuning into what you want to feel at the...

September 11, 2017

'Where the mind goes the body follows'

I believe we are an outer expression of what’s going on inside; if we are stressed it shows, if we overeat, it shows, if we don’t exercise, it shows, if we are a happy person who laughs a lot, it shows. How we live our lives ultimately shows up as a physical expression of who we are.

If you think you should lose weight, or should get healthy, as opposed to I must lose weight, and I must get healthy,  is the difference between wanting to do something and having to do something.

Shoulds exist in a ‘grey area’, where intellectually you ‘know it’s the right thing to do’, but you still have a profound desire to do the exact opposite! In other words, thinking you ‘should lose weight’, means you are still undecided. Let’s explore an example of how mind/body alignment works in the real world.

Remember a time when you have been tempted to go off your diet plan.  It might have been a birthday party you could not avoid when you were on a diet. Once they cut t...

September 6, 2017

As a weight loss coach, I’m often asked what my number one piece of advice is for people starting a weight loss journey.

My advice is simple; don’t start!  Well at least don’t start until your mind is in such a great place, that the physical process of dieting becomes easy.

Starting a diet can be frightening and overwhelming, so before you begin there is a lot of prep work to do. First off you need to get your head around the diet itself, learn what foods you can eat, which ones you need to avoid and which ones you have to give up completely.  Saying goodbye to foods that have been ‘there for you’ when life got stressful can be too much for some people. Even to a point where it’s difficult to get started.
Then you need to pick a start date, clear out the kitchen and bring in new healthy foods to create an environment where it’s impossible to fail.  Another part of the mental preparation is to consider the social implications of what you are about to do. The thought of surviving a mee...

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As a weight loss coach, I’m often asked what my number one piece of advice is for people starting a weight loss journey.

My advice is simple; don’t st...

My #1 piece of advice about dieting – and it’s not what you think!

September 6, 2017

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December 15, 2017

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