Design Your Life retreat, Otago

The only thing holding you back from a phenomenal life is yourself!   

Overcome fear, overcome your limitations, design the life you truly desire!

Join Deborah at her exclusive 4 day/3 night event

from 4pm on 5th of Sept to 3pm on 8th Sept, 2020

This is your opportunity to join Deborah for a life-changing deep dive into the key area's of life where you will design and create the life you truly want to live!


Design your life

In this retreat, Deborah will share what she's never shared before and that is exactly how she created the phenomenal life of her dreams she has today.  But, it wasn't always that way for her, there were many roadblocks and challenges along the way.  Today, she is now living proof that your life can change in an instant when you apply the principles of quantum physics and next level law-of-attraction.  Deborah will teach you exactly how to roadmap your life, identify the blocks that need to be cleared and exactly how to focus on creating and manifesting your next level life! 


Deborah's passion to empower women to master weight loss for life is just the beginning. Her ultimate aim is to help men & women achieve the life of their dreams! 

The Design your Life retreat not only explores how to get clear on what you want, it provides a step by step plan of what you need to do to get it, based on Deborah's wisdom, teachings and personal experience. 

Deborah will share in detail the exact process she used to transform herself from an unofficially bankrupt local weight-loss/life coach, to a global key influencer who has touched the lives of millions and now has clients in over  50 countries. 

The Design your Life retreat includes:

  • An immersive 4 days and 3 nights to plan and manifest your ultimate life!

  • The opportunity to delve into the key areas of life and create a road map to success.

  • A chance to isolate any roadblocks that are holding you back from creating the life of your dreams.

  • The space to go deeper into your Mind-Switch work so you heal patterns and self-destructive beliefs.

  • A series of inspirational workshops to ignite the potential of what's possible for you.

  • The tools and techniques to help you live boldly and step fearlessly into a new life of your design focused on increasing happiness, joy, passion and fulfilment regardless of your current circumstances

  • Deborah's personal secrets to developing a mindset of joy, inner peace and excitement!  

  • The time to breathe and reconnect with yourself, your true self. 

"Longing is your soul whispering 'you deserve more'.  The moment you accept that opportunities appear as if they had always been there waiting for you."  Deborah Murtagh

The venue

Be enchanted by stunning views of the Waitaki Valley, with the mighty Waitaki River rushing below and the mountains in the distance. Wake up to the birds singing and the cows grazing in the distance. See the best New Zealand has to offer without getting your feet dirty.  Enjoy nature in luxury!





This is a very special and exclusive retreat designed for just 18 people!!


Investment for this 4 day and 3 night Design your Life retreat is: 

NZD $2995 early bird. Twin or triple share only.

Deposit is NZD $1,200 plus $50 admin fee, balance in full due prior to  31st August 2020.

All meals and accommodation are included. Please note prices are in New Zealand dollars and exclude airfares and transfers.

Meet your Hosts

Deborah Murtagh

Deborah Murtagh is an innovator, researcher, author and expert in wholefoods nutrition and mind-before-body weight loss. After 25 years and over 20,000 hours clinical experience, she’s the leading authority on the implementation of the ketogenic diet in the real world.

Through her transformational programs and sell-out international retreats, Deborah has helped over 40,000 women from 48 countries understand what to eat and think to master weight loss for life. Her flagship program, The Ketogenic Switch, not only helps women transform their lives and bodies, it also helps reduce symptoms of chronic illness, menopausal symptoms and other health issues to restore vitality. The wisdom Deborah shares allow her clients to reach their full potential and become an inspiration to their family and friends.

Deborah volunteers her time to medical research and has co-authored a study that proves diet can dramatically improve the quality of life in patients with Parkinson’s Disease. She is now working on a new study to determine the effect of diet on patients with Alzheimer’s.

Deborah’s mission in life is to empower women to transform their lives and to help create a global shift in consciousness so that diet is recognised as a legitimate treatment option for chronic disease.

Debra Renney

Using the same training and principles as the world’s greatest thought leaders like Tony Robbins, Debra is a Master Practitioner of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) with over 30 years’ experience in mind–body coaching. Debra has an almost supernatural ability to help break down barriers, release anxiety, awaken your passion and help rediscover your self-belief and inner truth.


In a single conversation, Debra can make a life long difference.


Debra’s coaching skills help you:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your mind–body system

  • Boost your self-belief and confidence

  • Master your emotions

  • Break through your challenges

  • Re-frame current experiences

  • Realign to your own inner truth/knowing

Retreat Terms and Conditions

1. Terms

Deposit and instalment payments for the retreats are non-refundable (but can be transferred under certain conditions).

Full payment must be made prior to the retreat start date.

Flights, airport transfers (some of our retreat venues may provide transfers, so please check with them directly) and spending money are the responsibility of the guest.

We strongly recommend that all retreat guests have travel insurance. If you need to leave the retreat for reasons beyond our control such as acts of nature or family emergencies, bookings are non-cancellable and non-refundable. 

2. Conditions

The deposit and instalment payments are non-refundable. If you are unable to meet this financial commitment, it is your responsibility to on-sell (transfer) to an interested party, and the Ketogenic Switch team will assist in advertising ticket availability and facilitate the transfer of details.

The ticket price is inclusive of all meals, accommodation, group activities and group coaching, but does not include flights, airport transfers to and from the retreat venue, or spending money.

3. Declaration of Understanding of these Terms and Conditions

Through making a deposit, or full payment for the retreat, you are declaring that you have a full understanding of, and agree to adhere by, these terms and conditions.

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