Catherine Newton


As our MC, Catherine will bring her front-line experience and infectious energy to each person in the audience. You will laugh, listen and learn how to become more of what you desire, create change and become more effective in your life. Motivational, inspirational and often courageously direct, Catherine Newton offers a refreshing approach to helping you achieve the answers you are striving to find at Embody The Switch.

Catherine Newton, is a Mentor, Teacher and Inspirational Speaker. She has guided thousands of people to new, empowered, and refreshingly honest relationships with themselves, and their business and the way they live their lives through her charismatic, inspirational approach.


Her work and presentations have been featured on 60 minutes with Tim Ferris, The AMShow, Radio Live, on podcasts shows such as The Suitcase Entrepreneur and in the US on NBC, ABC, Inc Magazine, and Fox. She has shared the stage with experts such as Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Steve Wozniak, Rudy Giuliani and has appeared with Oprah Winfrey.




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Day 1
Session 1:

How we do food is how we do life
The intelligence of ketones, health benefits of fat burning mode & Intermittent Fasting High vibrational foods versus low vibrational foods
How foods affect our brain and how you can shortcut your way to a genius mind!

Session 2:
The power of story
Mode of being
Your brain lives in the past & becomes a predictive machine
Can we trust our feelings?
Breaking habit loops
How our emotions create our world — life isn’t happening to you, it’s responding to you.

Day 2
Session 3:

Purpose Mapping Process 


Can't watch the live stream?  No problem, the footage will be available for 60 days post event, or you can own the footage for life with our VIP package.  We'll post you an event book, pen drive with footage, even t-shirt and you'll get a private group coaching session with Deborah so she can personally answer you're questions and support your growth! 

A note from Deborah....



"I believe we are all born with a mission to live our best possible lives and strive to become the best version of ourselves we can be — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I also believe that a diet full of toxic foods truly does prevent us from achieving our full potential. Low vibrational foods deplete our energy, make us sick and lethargic and quite literally dumb us down by preventing optimal brain function.

Yes, how we do food is how we do life, so why is it that some people seem to have a natural abundance of self-discipline while others seem to live in a constant state of battle with food, or default into self-sabotaging behaviours as soon as stress or boredom hit?

What makes one person thrive while another barely survives? Why do some people shine while others fade?

Why are some people able to attract abundant lives, thriving careers, wonderful relationships and a life of fun and adventure while others seem to live on automatic pilot and mere survival allowing the years and decades to pass by with very few changes despite the soul’s quiet dreams and desires to be more, do more, have more?

  • If we aren’t content, thriving, fulfilled or happy, how can we change that to become the person we desire to be?

  • How can we contribute our unique gifts to the world?

  • How can we leave a legacy knowing that our life mattered and that we mattered?

  • How do we overcome self-sabotage and create authentic and lasting changes?

  • How do we experience an authentic freedom and find true inner peace, free of stress?

  • How do we overcome shame, fear and self-loathing so we may truly love ourselves and our lives?

When we are in pursuit of our dreams, overcoming life’s challenges becomes a necessity and the Purpose Mapping Process offers you a mind map into your own subconscious mind so you can access the core programmes, allowing you to ‘rewire’ your mind and emotions in such a way that old habits are broken and new, more helpful habits can be created. It gives you the power to decide who you want to be in this world.

To create lasting change, we must stop living from our past and begin consciously creating our future. If we don’t, then we are guaranteed to experience nothing new; we essentially repeat our pasts like a scratched record until we suffer enough to awaken and change. Most people wait for a crisis point before they create change, but why wait and suffer?

Why not consciously create your future and reality the way you desire it to be?

Purpose Mapping will enable you to do just that! It’s a powerful, logical, methodical and practical guide to unstuck yourself and creates the mindset of the person you desire to become.

My soulful wish for you is that it becomes a framework which you can apply to any key area of your life you wish to transform.

Deborah X"




After her 2018 Auckland, New Zealand event sold out within hours, this is your opportunity to see...



with Internationally Acclaimed Women's Coach Catherine Newton!


"How we do food is how we do life & how we do life is how we do food!" - Deborah Murtagh


How do we manifest the life of our dreams?  Embody the Switch focuses on how to turn your body into a fat burning machine and keep weight off forever, how food can literally determine the quality of your life and how foods can raise our individual consciousness giving us the energy, vitality and health to take our lives to an entirely new level. 

Imagine what you would do with an abundance of energy and incredible health.  


Purpose Mapping™  is a unique and powerful process Deborah created in response to her from her own 'dark night of the soul' helping her overcome self-doubt, self-sabotage and fears, that took her from the brink of bankruptcy to create a multimillion-dollar business in less than one year.  So what is Purpose Mapping™?


When we are in pursuit of our dreams overcoming life’s challenges becomes a necessity and the Purpose Mapping™ process is a mind map into your own subconscious mind so you can access the blocks that may be preventing you from living your life the way you truly desire. 

Purpose Mapping™ brings awareness to your analytical mind to reprogramme your old outdated thought patterns and install new habits.  It gives you the power to decide what you want to create in this world and the power to shift the invisible barriers preventing you from achieving it. 

Purpose Mapping™  is a powerful, logical, methodical and practical guide to creating the mindset you need to achieve life's goals you will have as a tool for life!


You don’t want to miss this rare opportunity to be inspired by world leading life & weight loss coach, Deborah Murtagh!

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